Sunday, April 01, 2007

right-side visual migraine

This afternoon I had another visual migraine. It was a little different from the previous ones in that it had more significant visual affects and in that it affected the right side of my vision. My central vision was OK, the left side was quite good, but the right side was mostly occluded by bright flashes. Closing my right eye seemed to make it a little better - apparently my right eye was more affected than my left. Previous visual migraines had only affected my central vision.

It happened shortly after going outside and it was a sunny afternoon, so maybe the bright light helped trigger it. The Australian optometrist chain OPSM advertise transitions - lenses that darken when exposes to UV light so they act as sun-glasses when outdoors, this sounds interesting (I don't want to have prescription sun-glasses as well as regular glasses). However there is one concerning item in the advert - "protect your eyes from dazzling sunlight, harsh artificial lighting and the glare from computer screens", I don't want my glasses to go dark when I'm looking at a computer screen (a large portion of my waking hours)!


Gunnar said...

Heh... Sounds like you need something like the HHGTTG's peril-sensitive sunglasses !

Leon Brooks said...

I used to get something like these, the doctors prescribed Migral and all sorts of other stuff which made the pain sort-of distant but didn't actually cure it. Then one day I came down with one while I was trying to install a computer system for a chiropractor, and in 20 minutes he made it go away.

Not all chiros are good, like many trades not all of them are in it for their patients, but if you find one who knows what (s)he is doing, it'll be wonderful.

I've had good results from all genders, races, sizes etc, what really counts is where their heart is. If they know what they're doing and are dedicated to it, the details will work themselves out well.

Shannon said...

I have an attachment for clip-on sunnies which I can attach to my prescription glasses when I go outside. This is a handy alternative to the the transitions approach.

etbe said...

Shannon, I like to travel light, I don't take a glasses case with me because I just wear my glasses all the time apart from when sleeping etc. Taking an extra item in a case that doesn't fit well in my pocket would be too inconvenient.

When I recently visited Japan I had only just started wearing glasses and I took my glasses case with me all the time. It was very inconvenient and I soon stopped doing that. I don't even know where my glasses case is now.

Thanks for the suggestion, it wouldn't fit with the way I do things - but it may suit some other readers.

I guess that one factor would be whether you can afford to own a second pair of glasses or whether buying a cheaper clip-on attachment is something you consider a good saving.