Saturday, April 07, 2007


This morning after having had my car parked in the sun for a couple of hours I poured water on the rear window to cool it (as described in this post). When I did so the mist that rose up from the window spiraled up in a way that was similar to a cyclone (but on a much smaller scale).

Would this have been caused by the steam rising off my car after I poured the water on? Or might the air have been moving in that pattern before and merely have been revealed by the water vapor?

It's a pity I didn't have my camera. My phone-camera doesn't have anything close to the quality needed to make a movie of this (it would be doubtful even with my regular camera).


Anonymous said...

Why would I give you my Google password?
Anyway, I once observed vortices travelling across a puddle, leaving wakes like tiny motorboats. It's fairly common.

etbe said...

Anon: That's one of the more bizarre comments I've received. I never asked you for a google password (or any other).

Anonymous said...

Just to the right of your comment it says
"Sign in with your Google Account".
This doesn't look like Google to me, why then . . .
Bizarre, (hrrmph)

etbe said...

Google purchased blogger and integrated the sign-on. That's why the entire service has the google brand, and if you click on the "more" link from the main page it gives you a link to Blogger.