Monday, April 30, 2007

comment spam

The war on comment-spam has now begun. It appears that Blogger might have some anti-spam measures of which I was unaware. Otherwise it’s a strange coincidence that I get a huge number of comment spams for extremely hard-core porn from the Ukraine so soon after starting a Wordpress blog.

About 24 hours before the spam attack there was a strange blog comment that linked to google (with no offensive or spammy content). It appears that leaving it online was my mistake, when I left that online for a day the spammer decided that I might also leave porn spam online. I arrived home this evening to find almost 100 spams in the form of comments and track-backs, and more arriving by the minute. So I used iptables to block a /20 related to the spam and things are quiet now.

The moral of the story is to delete anything unusual ASAP in case it encourages the idiots.

I’ve also tightened the anti-spam measures on my blog too.


Mark said...

I've found that the Akismet plugin is extremely effective for dealing with spam - I can't recall the last time it let anything through that I didn't want. It does end up making you manually moderate most legitimate things, though.

Colin Charles said...

definitely, use Akismet. Get an API key, and be on your way. probably the most interesting and useful plugin out there...