Saturday, March 31, 2007

mac vs PC vs Linux

Apple has a series of funny commercials comparing the Macintosh with a PC running Windows. They are very well written and presented. I recommend viewing them for the amusement value (view them here - but you need Quicktime).

Novell has produced a few short parodies of those adverts, they don't have the same production quality but are well written and not nearly as cheesy as I had feared (view them here). Novell's ads are in OGG and MP3 format.

Update: A comment pointed me to this site which has other parodies of the Mac adverts. There is quite a bit of bad language and the parodies will offend some people in several ways. But they are amusing and do make some interesting points.


Anonymous said...

just wanted to point you to the "Mac spoof" sketches made by TrueNuff TV, they are also quite funny IMO:

Anonymous said...

Have to love the TrueNuff stuff, hits the bullseye with the almost spastic Linux user compared to the Mac or Windows PC versions. Haven't laughed so much in ages

etbe said...

The thing I like about TrueNuff is that they attack all sides in equal measure.

There are aspects of the Linux (and other free Unix) culture that deserve some ridicule. I'm happy to show the videos to Linux people so that everyone avoids falling in to such traps.

Anonymous said...

Next version will be the SCO Xenix User, reflected into a mirror with the Linux user as the reflection, sounds like a cool one to show