Saturday, April 28, 2007

new blog

I am starting to move my blog to my own Wordpress server. Here is the new URL for my main blog (feed), and here is the new URL for my Source-Dump blog (feed) which is now named just "dump".

Wordpress gives me the power to change all aspects of my blog's operation (including adding plug-ins). It also allows me to correctly display greater-than and less-than characters (the Perl script I use for converting them is at this post - it's short now but will probably grow).

Hopefully the new blog will also solve the date problems that some Planet readers have been complaining about.

I will briefly put the same content on both the old and new blogs, when I'm fully confident in the new blog I'll stop updating the old one and try to get all Planet installations changed. Anyone who wants to convert their Planet installation to my new blog now is welcome to do so.