Thursday, October 05, 2006

Virgin - no free water and renewable energy

When returning from Ruxcon I took a Virgin Blue flight.

The Virgin web site has a FAQ with the following advice regarding DVT:
Drink plenty of water and other fluids during and after the flight, limiting alcohol, tea and coffee.

However Virgin provide no free water on the flight and charge $2 for 350ml of water! This is a strong incentive to buy caffeinated drinks and/or alcohol, after all if you are going to pay then you want something better than water!

They should provide free tap water as a basic health measure.

On the positive side there was an interesting article in the Virgin Blue magazine about alternative sources of fuel. It covered bio-Diesel (renewable and produces less toxic smoke), and producing Diesel from waste plastic (saves space in land-fill as well as providing fuel). It wasn't as technically detailled as I would like and it didn't mention some of the methods being developed for producing Diesel fuel from algae or the work on using bio-fuel for jet aircraft (which would be appropriate for an airline magazine).

But it's a good start, hopefully some travellers will learn that there are environmental problems and ways that we can fix them.


Simon said...

You provide the tap and plumbing, they'll provide the tap water free.

Am I alone in thinking biofuels will never make it for aviation. The real secret to environmental success is fly less, and make aviation more expensive, to encourage people to consume local produce, and services.

etbe said...

Most airlines have free water, and Virgin will provide free hot water if you demand it.

There is no technical reason why bio-fuels can't be used for aviation. There is current research in progress on this matter.