Wednesday, October 11, 2006

day 4 of the beard and the Crypto museum

The day 2 picture had an NSA coffee mug in the background. I purchased it from the gift shop of the National Cryptologic museum at Ft Meade, Maryland. I highly recommend that museum, it has free entrance, hardly any visitors (I've never seen more than 5 people in there) lots of interesting displays, and some really intelligent and well-informed tour-guides. If you are interested in technology then you should visit the Cryptologic museum and the Smithsonian every time you visit Washington DC.

Last time I visited the Crypto museum they had a new display about fingerprint scanning. It displayed what the machine read and indicated whether the fingerprint was regarded as a match or not. I learned that I could get a false negative by changing the angle of my finger by about 20 degrees, but apart from that it seemed more accurate than I had expected.

Here is a picture of me touching an Enigma at the Crypto museum! There is also a picture of me sitting on a Cray with some Japanese friends, but I haven't got a copy of that one.

In regard to Shintaro's comment about thinking I had a beard after reading backup.te, I was a little surprised, I would have thought that mta.te (which is fairly complex) or chroot.te (one of the most complex and least used policy modules I ever wrote) would have inspired such a comment. backup.te seemed rather mundane by comparison.


Shintaro said...

I thought any guy doing SELinux should have beard, because it's so complex to layman.
I have a NSA notebook.
It's very thin and looks cheap but real thing.

Anonymous said...

So, is there going to be a big fat picture of your face and attempt to grow a beard on the Planet every single day?!?

mooch said...

How do you manage to have the same face and expression everyday? Or are you gimpping your beard and changing the color of your shirt? ;)