Sunday, January 28, 2007

ssh tunneling of email

On a Debian mailing list someone claimed that it was inconvenient to use ssh tunneling for sending and receiving email due to the issue of broken connections.

On my source-dump blog I have posted an entry with xinetd configuration for doing this in a reliable manner.


Lolek said...

anything against tsocks?

etbe said...

Only that it doesn't support a ssh server and ssh pass-phrase authentication, and that it's not designed for tunneling a single application connecting to a single server and leaving everything else in the default mode of operation.

It just doesn't do what is required in this case.

hendry said...

Usually it only a problem to send mail.

I use this tip to sendmail in that case.

cate said...

Do ssh fail with broken connection? I really want that applications will follow the networks/OSI layers, thus I want that programs implements internally session/application level and they don't rely on transmission. This would simplify the problems with NAT and firewall failures (mainly the home-side hardware).