Saturday, December 23, 2006

another visual migraine

This morning while travelling to work by tram I had another visual migraine. It was a little worse than last time, not only did everything I focussed on appear to shimmer, but things went a bit grey at my peripheral vision. I had a headache as well although it was very mild (not the typical migraine headache).

It was convenient that the vision problems almost exactly matched the time of my tram journey so that it didn't cause me to waste much time. One visual migraine every three months is something that won't inconvenience me much. I just hope that I don't get other migraine symptoms in future.


Anonymous said...

You should probably see a doctor about that if you haven't already. Can't be too careful. Good luck!

Mikel Ward said...

I used to get migranes until I started seeing a chiropractor. As anonymous said, see a doctor if you haven't already!

Anonymous said...

Especially important for primary care physicians is the concept of a kindling effect, in which prolonged or frequent episodes of pain may lead to central nervous system changes that cause a lower threshold for triggering subsequent attacks. Thus, inadequate control of migraines early in their course may actually cause more frequent migraines over time. The implications of this are very clear for physicians who have previously told their patients to only treat headaches when severe or when they are definitely migraines. Migraines should be treated aggressively early in their course, before they progress into an uncontrolled daily pattern.

If it's migraines, it's going to get worse and harder to treat if you ignore it.