Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sell a Band has an interesting business model. If you want to make money from your band you can sign up to their site and create a web site with some sample tracks. Then wait for 5,000 believers to each pay $10 for a share which grants the band a recording contract. The $10 gets them a share of advertising royalties (which seems extremely unlikely to recover the $50,000) and also a first-edition CD from the band ($10 is cheap for a CD). If there is an unpublished band you like then all you need to do is to find 5,000 people who can each spare $10.

The main advantage of the site seems to be as a central advertising point. Sure it would be better to record your own CD and sell it for $10 per copy (which is not difficult to do with little expense nowadays), but finding the 5,000 people who want to pay will be difficult.

It's a pity that sellaband relies extensively on Flash, so I can't use their site. Maybe someone else will copy the idea and use standard web pages that display in all browsers.

PS I've attached a picture of day 29 of the beard.


Mind Booster Noori said...

yeah, I have my musical project on sell a band, and while I generally agree with what you said, it's not easy to record your own CD and sell it for 10$if you want to do it legally and without a record label. In some countries including here in Portugal it is way too expensive to do it...

etbe said...

Fair comment. The costs of hardware etc vary quite a bit between different regions. In Australia the PC hardware needed for audio mixing is extremely cheap (I have difficulty giving away free working systems of P3-700 spec). If you are prepared to use the low-quality built-in sound card or typical cheap PCI sound card then there's little cost. If you want to do things properly then you may be looking at spending hundreds of dollars on special sound hardware - by Australian standards that's not an obstacle.

Probably the biggest problem for someone wanting to do their own recording at home in Australia is the issue of Linux device drivers for high-end audio hardware (I'm not sure how good this is). Windows has drivers for the latest hardware but then you have to buy very expensive mixing software.

I wonder if there's any way of getting some of those perfectly good PCs that are being discarded as trash in northern European countries sent to Portugal.